Visualize BOSH deployments with UML

BOSH is great, yaml is even greater, but sometimes you have to explain its magic in a more universal language. That’s why we created a small project to generate UML like diagrams from bosh deployment manifests.

Let’s use it to generate a diagram for cf-deployment:


Please make sure the following tools are installed:

When using macOS, these can be installed via brew:

brew tap starkandwayne/cfbrew install starkandwayne/cf/spruce
brew install jq plantuml

Now just clone the repo:

git clone ~/workspace/bosh-deployment-visualizer

Let’s get cf-deployment:

git clone ~/workspace/cf-deployment

Last generate your image:

~/workspace/bosh-deployment-visualizer/ ~/workspace/cf-deployment/cf-deployment.yml

To view the result:

open cf.png

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