Google KF Migration

The Replacement for Pivotal Cloud Foundry


What is Google KF?

Google KF is a Google project designed to be a migration tool for application workloads originating from Tanzu Application Service (aka Pivotal Cloud Foundry) to Kubernetes

  • KF runs CF workloads natively on GKE
  • Runs on any cloud provider via Anthos


Why Should I Use Google KF?

  • To eliminate platform licensing fees
  • To migrate my application workloads to Kubernetes
  • To minimize developer efforts in migrating applications to Kubernetes
  • To maintain a unified developer experience post migration
  • To minimize the time to migrate my applications to Kubernetes
  • To migrate my workloads from on-prem to the public cloud


How does it work? And, How much does it cost me?

Google KF is a Cloud Foundry replacement deployed on Kubernetes (GKE)

  • KF is installed on GKE
    • GKE runs on Google Cloud Platform
    • GKE, via Anthos, also runs on AWS, Azure, VSphere, and Bare Metal
  • The main change for developers is that they have to change their CF commands to KF commands
    • Or simply alias the cf cli to the kf cli
  • Google KF has no licencing costs


What is the process for migrating?

  • Month 1: Assess workloads for feasibility
  • Months 2-3: Proof of Concept and sample migration
  • Months 3-12: Migrate all apps to KF on Kubernetes
  • Months 12-48: Transform to your applications to the desired future state

Why Stark & Wayne?

Stark & Wayne is a founding Silver member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, a Google Premier Partner, and a Certified Kubernetes Service Provider. Most importantly, we can help you to actually pull it off.