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Getting involved and giving back gives us insight into emerging technologies through relationships, experimentation, and committing.

Stark & Wayne is a Silver Sponsor of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), a Google Premier Partner, and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

We are also members of the Cloud Foundry Foundation and the Data on Kubernetes Community.

What We Offer


Consulting Services

Whatever your objectives, our engineers will guide you on your path to cloud native—from instantiation to automation to optimization.


Google KF Migration

Google KF is a Google project designed to be a migration tool for application workloads originating from Tanzu Application Service (aka Pivotal Cloud Foundry) to Kubernetes.


Kubernetes Services

The cloud native ecosystem is expansive. Stark & Wayne helps you determine the right resources at the right time to meet your business goals.


Cloud Foundry Services

A founding member and top contributor to Cloud Foundry, we have the depth you need to operate your platforms and be future ready.


Managed Open Source

Open source can seem daunting, but embracing it avoids lock-in, creates flexibility, and can save you significant time and money.

Managed Cloud Foundry & Kubernetes

24x7 North American Based Support

24×7 North American Based Support

Lower operational costs

Lower operational costs

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Greater focus on app development

Less developer time spent on operations

Faster time to market and Accelerated feedback loops

Faster time to market and Accelerated feedback loops

Decreased deployment times

Decreased deployment times

Cloud portability

Cloud portability

Enhanced security

We help enterprises build the architecture, expertise, and culture needed to manage cloud native infrastructure at scale.

Experts on these fine platforms:

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Open Stack