SHIELD Cloud Providing Peace of Mind for Linode

Stark & Wayne announced the launch of SHIELD Cloud, a data protection system offered for Linode.

SHIELD Cloud is a systems-based data protection system that is hyper-aware of what it is protecting, and can perform certain domain-specific tasks before and after the snapshot of data is taken.

SHIELD Cloud understands your data systems at a deep and fundamental level. SHIELD Cloud brings features such as:

  • Data Encryption
  • Customizable data backup and retention schedule
  • Auditing and compliance
  • Data migration

James Hunt, Direct of Product at SHIELD Cloud, had this to say: “Over the past five years, we’ve been perfecting and battle-hardening our data protection story, at-scale, in enterprises across the globe. I’m excited to now be able to offer it to a larger audience, with a streamlined interface, and a smooth onboarding process.

This marks the first time Linode Customers have access to a true enterprise-grade data protection system. SHIELD Cloud pricing works on a variable scale which corresponds to the level of investment in a Linode Cloud Infrastructure, meaning lighter users can get the protection they deserve, and larger users can get the protection they need at a higher value than in the past.

Read the whole story at Linode here.

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