Restore Micro BOSH from just its persistent disk

UPDATE: For people using the bosh-init tool for creating their BOSH you can achieve this by editing the manifest-state.json file as documented here

Micro BOSH can’t be resurrected, can’t be healed, and you cannot stop the VM and just restart it. Fortunately, you can always come back to the CLI and run bosh micro deploy.

All you need is its persistent disk and you can manually resurrect/recreate a Micro BOSH. And a manual change to bosh-deployment.yml.

Step 1, strip back the bosh-deployment.yml so it only has the following keys in it:

- :id: 1
  :name: microbosh-aws-vpc
  :uuid: some-uuid
  :disk_cid: vol-db5d0797

All these keys are required.

Step 2, re-deploy the Micro BOSH and it will re-attach and mount the existing persistent disk and your Micro BOSH will be back in action!

bosh micro deploy <stemcell.tgz or AMI> --update-if-exists

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