Getting started with BOSH cloud-config

Back in April Dmitriy Kalinin shared his idea for cloud-config with the world.

To keep service brokers (and other users of BOSH) IaaS agnostic, IaaS resource configuration (networks, resource_pools, disk_pools, compilation) can be configured per the Director such that service brokers only references those resources by name.

The initial implmentation quickly followed and has been avaialble since stable-2949.

In this blogpost we will quickly go over the cloud-config functionality by deploying redis on bosh-lite.

Since the current version of bosh-lite uses and old version of BOSH you will first need to follow the instruction from this blog post.

When you have update your bosh-lite, clone the following repo:

git clone

Install gems:

cd bosh-cloud-config-demo

Set a deployment:

bosh deployment deployments/redis-warden.yml

Upload the release and stemcell:

bosh prepare deployment

Set your cloud-config:

bosh update cloud-config cloud-config/warden.yml

Deploy as you normally would:

bosh deploy

If you made it this far you have succesfully deployed redis by using the new bosh cloud-config functionality. You can verify this by running: bosh deployments. The value Cloud Config column should be latest. If you update your cloud config this value will change to outdated.

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