ProTip: Find BOSH Docs Fast

When you first hit the documentation page for BOSH, did you get the "wall of text" feeling of information overload? Some days I want to crack open the site, sit next to a roaring fireplace, and just read for days. The rest of the time I need the information, and I need it now.

First off, the way the page is organized and structured into headings is great. As you build and own your BOSH system, use the headers to guide you to the correct reference material when you need it most. Stuff like how to Install BOSH, deploy BOSH software or references to the CLI. And so much more…

Yet sometimes, if you just need to find that needle in the haystack, here’s a useful Google search syntax hack:


Put in your search term, and add to the end, and suddenly you’re related to Uncle Bob. Or Bob’s your uncle… I forget how he becomes related to you, but you get the idea.

Maybe you get adopted by a woman who… stay with me… has a brother named Robert?

Anyway… feel free to share and enjoy until they add search directly to the site.

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