Cheat Sheet – Registering a Service Broker

Below is a quick summary for registering your (or someone else’s) service broker into CF. Be sure to verify the username and password, especially if someone else pushed the broker application.

Step 1 – Push the Broker & Verify

Push the broker app so it registers a route. To verify you have the correct url, username and password, you can curl the catalog endpoint. For example:

curl https://username:[email protected]/v2/catalog

Example output:

{"services":[{"id":"pickle-service","name":"pickle-service","description":"Securely store and manage jars of pickles.","bindable":true,"plans":[{"id":"bc3e-56a0-11a1-19780901a22::pickle-service","name":"Gerkin","description":"The best kind of pickle","free":true}]}]}%

Step 2 – Register the Broker

The syntax is:


For example:

cf create-service-broker pickle-service username supersecretpassword

Step 3 – Get Service Name

To get the name of the service, run cf curl /v2/services, in the output you’ll see the label you’ll need for the service name parameter below:

         "metadata": {
            "guid": "715febce-473d-11e9-b210-d663bd873d93",
            "url": "/v2/services/715febce-473d-11e9-b210-d663bd873d93",
            "created_at": "2019-03-15T19:26:33Z",
            "updated_at": "2019-03-15T19:26:33Z"
         "entity": {
            "label": "pickle-service",          ## <=== Looking for this value
            "provider": null,
            "url": null,
            "description": "The best kind of pickle.",
            "service_broker_name": "pickle-service",

Step 4 – Enable the Broker

To enable the service broker for all orgs:

cf enable-service-access pickle-service

To enable for a particular org:

cf enable-service-access pickle-service -o my_cool_org


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