CF on a Budget: Controlling Cost with Your PaaS

Being cost-conscious in a cloud world can be difficult. Especially on public clouds, where deployment footprint and instance sizing can be difficult to get right. Throw in lower environments, like sandbox, quality assurance, and development, and you’ve got the makings of a big cloud services bill. In this presentation, I presented multiple approaches and strategies to running Cloud Foundry on a budget, including resource-based instance sizing, co-locating Cloud Foundry components, and AWS spot instances.

Benefits to the Ecosystem

Cloud Foundry instances are rarely deployed in isolation. Faced with the prospect of deploying multiple, large-footprint Cloud Foundries, some potential CF users either opt to pursue alternate platforms with lower footprints, like Kubernetes, or will forego test/dev/sandbox environments, often to catastrophic outcomes.

We believe that educating potential users on how to more cost-effectively deploy their non-production environments will help them to build better, thriving platforms, and drive adoption of Cloud Foundry in enterprise production systems.

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