Stark & Wayne Internship Program

Starting this summer (2019), Stark & Wayne will be running thrice-yearly internships, to help introduce near-graduates to the realities of dev/ops culture, agile methodologies, and cloud technology.

The Format

During each session we will pick between two and four candidates and bring them on part-time (20 hours per week) to work on a complete project, for about three months. We’ll run a standard agile software project: daily stand-ups, weekly demos, two-week sprints, and a backlog. This gives our interns some real-world experience in delivering software using modern methods. The team is also responsible for deploying and maintaining their own systems for testing and development, be that Docker, BOSH, or Kubernetes.

Pick Your Project

Rather than foist a project on our chosen interns, we have decided to provide them with a few different project options, based on current or projected need in the open source arena. These projects are tied to our existing open source projects (i.e. SHIELD, Genesis, Safe, etc.). They are also completely self-contained, from design to deliverable. We believe this provides a sense of accomplishment, as well as a fantastic bit of resume bling!

Here is an example project:

The Kubernetes container orchestration system relies on a single persistent data store for its metadata and configuration needs: etcd. This distributed key-value store is vital to the proper operation of Kubernetes and, assuming identical replacement hardware / component configuration, the data in etcd is all that an operator needs to resurrect a dead cluster.

Design and build a SHIELD Data Protection Plugin for backing up the data in etcd, and restoring data to etcd from those archives. This plugin must work within the existing contract SHIELD has for “target” plugins. To enable this effort, you will need to be able to deploy and validate both Kubernetes and SHIELD. We will provide you hardware for both.

This project is split fairly even between development and operations work. SHIELD plugins are virtually all written in Go.

We have lots of other projects, ranging from almost purely software engineering work to mostly operations and deployment work, and everything in between.


We have just wrapped our candidate selection for the Summer 2019 program, but are still fielding applicants for the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 programs. We currently prefer college-aged students who have completed their junior year, but have not yet started their senior year. If you aren’t currently in school, but are still looking for an internship, go ahead and apply anyway!

To apply, email a copy of your résumé, and a paragraph or two about why you want to join, to [email protected].

Stay Tuned!

At the end of each internship program, the team will put together a write-up blog post, explaining what they did, how they did, and what they learned.

Check back in the fall!

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