What Apps are Running on a Diego Cell

Ever wonder which applications are running on a particular Diego cell?

There is a nifty article on the Pivotal Knowledge Base which goes through how to find this info in PCF 1.7. This points us to getting the list of application process guids for the cell by curling rep. The user Muni Chada in the comments of the article points out how to use the certificates for rep to make the https call.

Combining these two you can get the list of applications:

cd /var/vcap/jobs/rep/config/certs; \
curl -k -s https://localhost:1801/state --cert server.crt \
--key server.key | python -m json.tool |grep process_guid | \
cut -d ':' -f2|cut -c 3-38| \
xargs -I '<guid>' cf curl '/v2/apps/<guid>'| \
grep '"name"'|cut -d ':' -f2|sort -u

Which outputs something similar to:


The command above has a few dependencies:

  • You can bosh ssh onto the cell.
  • The cell has the CF CLI installed. We colocate the toolbelt-boshrelease on every deployment so we already have the CF CLI available without manually installing it.
  • You’ve done a cf login


Here are a few helpful articles to figure out what is running in CF:

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