Try out PostgreSQL 9.5beta on Cloud Foundry

PostgreSQL 9.5 is coming and includes many new features, including the new UPSERT command, and JSONB-modifying operators and functions. For operators of Cloud Foundry, we’ve pushed out a new service broker release that allows you to offer PostgreSQL 9.5 beta to some of your users, even before the final 9.5 release.

This service broker is a combination of Ferran Rodenas’ cf-containers-broker, and a BOSH release that pre-packages various versions of PostgreSQL in Docker images: postgresql-docker-boshrelease.


First upload the two BOSH releases to your BOSH:

bosh upload release
bosh upload release

Next, read the appropriate installation/deployment instructions for your use case in the usage section.

When deploying the server broker you can generate a deployment manifest with a command like:

./templates/make_manifest warden container embedded

Deploy the server:

bosh -n deploy

To grow the cluster to allow multiple nodes, see the Subway project.

Register or update the registration of the service broker:

cf create-service-broker pg containers containers

Finally, enable each of the different versions of PostgreSQL that you’d like to make available to your users:

cf enable-service-access postgresql95

To enable access to PostgreSQL to a limited set of organizations:

cf enable-service-access postgresql95 -o <org>

Future work

In future, this PostgreSQL service broker will natively support the Subway broker to easily allow the cluster of hosting machines to be scaled horizontally.

There is also some work on backups/restore beginning. See the [v4 release notes]((

Backup/restore will be the core concept to allow users to self-upgrade from one database version to another (9.4 -> 9.5).

Read more

Release notes for postgresql-docker-boshrelease v4.

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