The all new concourse bosh2 errand resource

Sometimes you want to run a BOSH errand from you concourse pipeline. For example after deploying Cloud Foundry using cf-deployment, you might want to make sure it is actually working by running the smoke-tests errand.

The bosh-errand-resource has been available for some time but it uses the old Ruby CLI. Which in its self is not a problem but it also does not support BOSH UAA auth.

So it was time for a new concourse resource, this time based on the bosh-deployment-resource. Which uses the new bosh-cli. The result is called, wait for it… the bosh2-errand-resource.

It can be included in an existing pipeline with the following snippet:

  - name: bosh2-errand
    type: docker-image
      repository: starkandwayne/bosh2-errand-resource
  - name: errand
    type: bosh2-errand
      deployment: cf
      target: {{bosh_target}}
      client: {{bosh_client}}
      client_secret: {{bosh_client_secret}}
      ca_cert: {{bosh_ca_cert}}
  - name: check-cf
    - put: errand
          name: smoke-tests
          keep_alive: true
          when_changed: false

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