Staticfile buildpack v0.5 is now more trusty

Latest Cloud Foundry releases, and Pivotal Web Services itself, how supports a new container filesystem based on Ubuntu Trusty called cflinuxfs2. Thanks to Simon Johansson [@KarlSimonJohan] the incubator staticfile-buildpack now works on this new stack too!

Release notes for other improvements as well:

As a developer you can now use this buildpack immediately with the new cflinuxfs2 stack:

cf push <myapp> -s cflinuxfs2 -b

As an administrator of Cloud Foundry you can install the Staticfile buildpack for the first time:

$ wget
$ cf create-buildpack staticfiles_buildpack -p 1

As an administrator of Cloud Foundry you can upgrade your Staticfile buildpack to v0.5:

$ wget
$ cf update-buildpack staticfiles_buildpack -p -i 1 --enable

As a user, the buildpack will be automatically selected for both stacks (lucid64 and cflinuxfs2) if you have a Staticfile in your project root folder.

See the readme for more configuration options.

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