SSH into Cloud Foundry containers from Windows

Cloud Foundry does not have the ability to spin up a container and let you SSH into it; or to debug your application code within a fresh Linux container within Cloud Foundry. Instead, a CLI cf-ssh provides this service [introduction post]. But previously it didn’t support Windows users.

The cf-ssh has now been rewritten from a Bash script into a single executable that you can drop on top any machine – OS X, Linux and now… Windows.

From any platform, change into your application folder and just run:


A new app container will be launched and an SSH session will be started. All your service instances will be bound into $VCAP_SERVICES.

The requirement is that your application folder has a manifest.yml that documents the application’s name and dependent services. This requirement will be lifted in future versions.

The installation and usage instructions are on the README of the new project repo

Thanks to Takeshi Morikawa for testing that cf-ssh now works from his Windows machine

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