Simple alerts for all disks in Cloud Foundry/BOSH

Here is a Pager Duty alert for a persistent disk being greater than 80% full on an etcd node:


It turned out to be relatively simple to "turn on" disk monitoring on all jobs that contained persistent disks, across all deployments, across all stages of our client’s pipeline.

We created a simple BOSH release that just adds some monit monitoring; and BOSH health monitor does the rest. It was all built-in.

Introducing monitor-server

This BOSH release initially includes monitoring of ephemeral and persistent disks on a BOSH VM. Conceptually it could monitor for any global attribute of a VM that good ol’ monit can monitor

[See Quick guide to using Monit in BOSH for an introduction to Monit in BOSH]

By default it alerts on either disks reaching 80% capacity.

See the monitor-server README for how to co-locate it with all your BOSH deployments for instant disk monitoring.

BOSH health alerts

BOSH already includes a Health Monitor that forwards any alerts from any VM’s monit monitor. All you have to do is turn it on.

Currently the following backends are supported:

  • SMTP/email
  • Pager Duty
  • DataDog
  • AWS CloudWatch

Read the BOSH docs for more information on monitoring:

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