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In a previous blog post we discovered how to deploy a single KubeCF with a single cf-operator. Exciting stuff! What if you wanted to deploy a second KubeCF? A third?

With a couple minor changes to subsequent installs you can deploy as many instancess of KubeCF as you like, each in their own namespaces.


Creating the first KubeCF is done by Helm installing the cf-operator, configuring a values.yaml file for KubeCF and finally Helm installing KubeCF. Each of the two operators will exist in their own namespace. With the feature.eirini.enable: true option set in the values.yaml of the KubeCF Helm chart a third namespace named <kubecf-name>-eirini will be created for all the Cloud Foundry apps to live in.

For each additional instance of KubeCF, you'll need an install of the cf-operator referencing an install of kubecf. Each pair of cf-operator+kubecf will get their own namespaces so if you intend on deploying a great number of KubeCF installs consistent naming will become important.

Deploy the First KubeCF

A quick overview of installing a single instance of KubeCF is below. For complete instruction visit the blog post.

Subsequent Installs

For each additional deployment of KubeCF there is a 1:1 install of the cf-operator required as well.

Install cf-operator

The cf-operator configuration needs a few additional pieces:

In the example below, a second cf-operater is deployed, extra points if you can guess the naming for the third one:

kubectl create namespace cf-operator2

helm install cf-operator2 \
  --namespace cf-operator2 \
  --set "global.operator.watchNamespace=kubecf2" \
  --set "fullnameOverride=cf-operator2" \
  --set "applyCRD=false" \

Configure values.yaml for KubeCF

There are two important pieces of information which must be unique between each of the installs:

system_domain:   # Must be unique


    enabled: true
        nodePort: 32124  # Must be unique cluster-wide

An example of a modified values.yaml:

Install KubeCF

There are a couple minor changes from the install of the first KubeCF:

helm install kubecf2 \
  --namespace kubecf2 \
  --values /Users/chris/projects/kubecf/kubecf2/values.yaml \


At some point you will run yourself out of Kubernetes resources if you keep spinning additional KubeCF installs. Two concurrent installs run happily on 3 worker nodes with 2vCPU and 16GB of memory each.

What's Next?

We'll have instructions soon for installing KubeCF on Rancher. Are there other infrastructures that you'd like to see KubeCF deployed to? Respond in the comments sections below!

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