(Re)Starting the SHIELD Roadmap Calls

This month (August of 2019), we resumed holding regularly scheduled Roadmap Calls, where the developers and release engineers working on SHIELD provide updates, explain where we are at in the roadmap, where we want to go, and answer questions from anyone who pops in.

We’ll be holding these calls on the 4th Thursday of every month at 11am EDT. More details can be found on the Community Roadmap Call page (on shieldproject.io).

We will be continuing our policy of not recording these calls. We’ve watched recorded community board calls and they are super boring. The team also feels that recording calls can give some people undue apprehension with respect to getting involved, and may actively deter some from participating.

We will continue providing written meeting minutes (probably accompanied by blog posts) on the shieldproject.io website.

We hope that these calls help to put faces to names, and remind everyone involved that the people who create SHIELD and the people who use SHIELD are just that: people. It’s all too easy to get lost in the clean lines of GitHub and forget that behind those screen names are living, breathing human beings.

We also want to have a forum in which to discuss the direction of the project, its velocity in pursuing that direction, and more. So stop on in, say hi, and join in the fun!

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