One-stop shop for BOSH releases


When I said "today’s project", literally I spent a day on it. But it was a good day!

Previously I pined for a single site where I could find and download BOSH releases, similar to what every packaging community already has.

Today I did the simplest iteration towards that – I have created and listed in one place lots of BOSH release tarballs.

shared releases

I’m very happy to have done this. It’s another step towards making BOSH releases more social and encouraging authors to regularly share final release tarballs.

Anyone with owner access to the cloudfoundry-community can update the README to register new releases.

Next iteration might be to make a pretty static site, then a CLI/API to make it easy for authors to update the site, like Or something that automatically discovers the assets like does.

For now we at least have something that brings them all today.

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