How to embed live Github PR status in your blogs & docs

[update: API is now at]

The following badges reflect the status of some pull requests and issues:

  • pivotal-cf-experimental/lattice/pull/7
  • cloudfoundry/cloud_controller_ng/pull/316
  • hashicorp/terraform/pull/708

And issues:

  • golang/go/issues/498
  • go-martini/martini/issues/317

This might be handy for you in blog posts ("I raised a bug for that [badge]"), documentation and READMEs.

There isn’t yet a nice website to help you construct the URLs. Sorry. But the URL structures are very similar to GitHub’s own URLs.

Consider the PR The URL doesn’t indicate if the PR is open/merged/closed.

The cloudfoundry/bosh/pull/715 portion of the URL is copied directly into the following base URL: + cloudfoundry/bosh/pull/715 + .svg gives a URL that redirects to the PR.

As an image URL it gives cloudfoundry/bosh/pull/715

Awesome, it was merged!

As a convenience, + cloudfoundry/bosh/pull/715 gives a URL that redirects to the PR itself on GitHub.

Compose the two together and you get clickable shields/badges.

In markdown this might be:


Giving us cloudfoundry/bosh/pull/715

Hopefully this makes our blog posts, comments and READMEs more exciting!

Run it yourself for private repos

See for instructions for deploying it yourself so you can access your private repo’s issues/PR statuses.

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