kibana-me-logs – Now with Bonus Authentication!

At long last, kibana-me-logs now has an authentication layer, to keep your logs protected from prying eyes. To make use of it, just follow these simple instructions:

# Grab the latest kibana-me-logs code
cd kibana-me-logs
git pull origin master
# Set the env variables for auth
cf set-env KIBANA_USER my_username
cf set-env KIBANA_PASSWORD my_password
# push the app up!
cf push my-kibana-me-logs-app

For an easier way to get this up and running, the cf kibana-me-logs plugin has been updated to generate credentials for you, when creating a new kibana-me-logs app:

cf kibana-me-logs test-app
App `test-app' service `logstash-test' not yet bound to a kibana-me-logs app. Deploying...
Pushing kibana-me-logs as kibana-logstash-test...
Binding kibana-logstash-test to logstash-test...
Setting credentials for kibana-logstash-test to kibana-logstash-test / XXXXXXXXXXX (user / pass)
Starting kibana-logstash-test...
Deployment successful!
Username: kibana-logstash-test
You can see your kibana-me-logs app at:
https://kibana-logstash-test:[email protected]

If you still want to use cf kibana-me-logs without authentication, just invoke it with --no-auth, like so:

cf kibana-me-logs test-app --no-auth


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