How to stay sane when you’re working in many environments in your browser

Here’s the problem. I am working with the same system but three distinct environments – running different versions and having different purposes.


All three look exactly the same. It gets very confusing.

The following is so much clearer:


Each tab is unique – a different favicon (coloured background) and title prefix (e.g. [1.11]).

I was able to return to sanity using Chrome browser and the Chrome Extension Tab Modifier.

To configure a specific environment with a custom browser tab title and favicon:


The colored images are courtesy of For example #eb5421.

A handy sample of icons with "P" in them that I’ve been using:

In my example above the reason for "P" in the logos is that it matches the original "P" logo for Pivotal Ops Manager. will generously allow you to choose other letters.

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