How to notify our team on Slack about Concourse errors

At Stark & Wayne we’re still enjoying and expanding our use of Concourse for build/test/release pipelines and deployment promotion pipelines. For one, the dashboard looks awesome:


Whilst the dashboard is great, it is only useful if people are looking at it. If a job fails and no one saw it, did it actually fail?

So we wanted our pipelines to be a little chatty – to send us different messages if important steps succeed or fail:


The above message came after the shipit job succeeded in cutting a new release.

Sometimes jobs fail and we want to know about it:


Integrating Concourse with Slack

In the examples above we’re using Slack. For another client we’re using Flowdock and will writeup that integration soon.

Thanks to Kamil Burzynski @Nopik for creating a slack-notification-resource and getting us started.

Next we packaged the resource as a Docker image on Docker Hub [link] and as an embedded BOSH release

Note: at the time of writing, we’re managing a downstream fork of the resource repo with some extra features awaiting merging upstream. The Docker image and BOSH release include these new features.

We have this running within as well as our clients’ Concourse installations.


It seems to work really nicely.

There are two main uses:

  • a static message that’s the same every time (baked into the pipeline.yml)
  • a dynamic message that is prepared by a previous step

Simple pipeline example

There are some example pipelines to show the basic usage at

Additionally, our rdpg-boshrelease pipeline has additional examples

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