How to Add Runners in Cloud Foundry

Runners, or droplet execution agents (DEAs), are used to run your applications in Cloud Foundry.

Runners in the Deployment Manifest

To provide high availability, your deployment manifest has runner_z1 and runner_z2. The properties for each runner will look like this (shown for runner_z1):

- cloud_properties:
    name: random
      password: ((( encrypted password )))
  name: runner_z1
  network: cf1
    name: ((( stemcell )))
    version: ((( version or latest )))
- instances: 1
  name: runner_z1
  - name: cf1
    - ((( IP address )))
      zone: z1
      zone: z1
      apps: cf1
  resource_pool: runner_z1
  - name: dea_next
    release: cf
  - name: dea_logging_agent
    release: cf
  - name: metron_agent
    release: cf
    max_in_flight: 1

The configuration for runner_z2 will be almost identical to runner_z1, except that since runner_z2 is in zone 2 (hence the name) its networking values will differ accordingly.

Changing the Quantity of Runners

In order to change the quantity of runners, all you need to do is update the number of instances. The number of instances does not need to be symmetrical across zones. For example, BOSH lite configurations typically only have one runner in one zone.

Changing the quantity of runners to two for both runner_z1 and runner_z2 looks like this:

- instances: 2
  name: runner_z1


- instances: 2
  name: runner_z2

After saving the deployment manifest, re-deploy with bosh deploy.

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