Hey BOSH, Gimme a VM Quick

So once in a while I need to debug whether BOSH is wired up correctly to spin vms and I need a quick deployment manifest that isn’t 4k+ lines long. This is what I use assuming a cloud-config with `defaults` defined:

name: emptyvm
- alias: default
  os: ubuntu-xenial
  version: latest
releases: []
  canaries: 2
  max_in_flight: 1
  canary_watch_time: 5000-60000
  update_watch_time: 5000-60000
- name: emptyvm
  azs: [z1]
  instances: 1
  jobs: []
  vm_type: default
  stemcell: default
  persistent_disk: 10240
  - name: default

A quick bosh -d emptyvm deploy emptyvm.yml and I have a vm I can bosh ssh into.


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