Hands-On Labs: Excellent Adventures

The Hands-On Labs continues its illustrious journey, at CF Summit Europe, located in The Foundry. Attendees bring their own laptops and they leave with insights on how to incorporate the concepts shared in the labs. What makes these labs useful to the attendees, besides the subject matter, is they are learning from Cloud Foundry experts from companies like ResilientScale, Dynatrace, SUSE, Altoros, and, of course, Stark & Wayne.

Stark & Wayne decided to sponsor the Hands-On Labs this year. Why would we do that? We’ve learned over the years, that these labs are invaluable to our clients, their engineers, and to the community as a whole. Consistently we receive feedback from our new customers that begins with “we saw you at the Hands-On Labs and wanted to see if you can help us”. With this year’s roundup, we expect no less.

This year, we challenged our European engineers to see if they could find a more cost-effective means of running the common Cloud Foundry Hands-On Lab’s infrastructure. True to form, they found a solution using Packet’s bare metal infrastructure. Come to our session to learn what we did and experience the Cloud Foundry deployment yourself. We particularly want to thank Packet for their support of this effort.

ResilientScale continues their lab of “Deploying Your First App” for the attendees that are new Cloud Foundry ecosystem. From developers to executives, attendees can experience why Cloud Foundry is successful as a Platform as a Service.

Dynatrace will demonstrate Keptn, an open-source, event-based, automated continuous operation tool managing Cloud Foundry. Find out how automating operations will save your operations team time and improve their efficiency.

SUSE will demonstrate project Quarks, one of the projects seamlessly melding Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes together. Project Quarks is about packaging Cloud Foundry’s application runtime to run on containers instead of virtual machines. The lab will demonstrate that you can use `cf push` and deploy it to a Kubernetes cluster.

Altoros upgraded its Cloud Foundry Troubleshooting Challenge from the previous Summit. Come test your skills and see if you can get the applications to deploy. Even if you have not steeped yourself in Cloud Foundry, you can still get an understanding of a typical day for a Cloud Foundry engineer.

So, take a look at the Labs on the CF Summit Schedule and choose a couple of Hands-On Labs to attend, and of course, do not forget your laptop.

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