Detect ETCD Split Brain for Cloud Foundry

While upgrading one of the development environments we had a bad configuration of the etcd properties. This resulted in three etcd servers spinning up which each elected themselves as leader. To detect this condition look at the leader key on each etcd server.

In the scenario below there are three etcd servers named:

  • etcd_z1/0
  • etcd_z1/1
  • etcd_z2/0

We have an added layer of SSL certs for the etcd cluster, in properties requires_ssl: true is set so when we curl consul we have to provide the ca cert, client and key files.

What to look for

Start by logging into one of the hm9000 servers:

bosh ssh hm9000_z1/0

Switch to the root user and query the /leader and /self endpoints for each of the 3 etcd servers:

for etcd in etcd-{z1-0,z1-1,z2-1}; do
  for role in self leader; do
    echo -n "${etcd} ${role}: "
    curl -k \
      --cacert /var/vcap/jobs/hm9000/config/certs/etcd_ca.crt \
      --cert /var/vcap/jobs/hm9000/config/certs/etcd_client.crt \
      --key /var/vcap/jobs/hm9000/config/certs/etcd_client.key \

If each /leader endpoint outputs a different results for each etcd vm you have etcd in split brain.

How to fix

Start by looking at your configuration.

Add cluster definition for all etcd jobs. There should be 1 declaration for each cluster

    - instances: 2    # <== Must match # instances defined for etcd_z1 job
      name: etcd_z1   # <== Must match job name etcd_z1 etcd job
    - instances: 1    # <== Must match # instances defined for etcd_z1 job
      name: etcd_z2   # <== Must match job name etcd_z2 etcd job

Verify your peer ca cert, peer cert and peer key are correctly populated:

    ca_cert: (( grab meta.etcd_ca_cert ))
    client_cert: (( grab meta.client_cert" ))
    client_key: (( grab meta.client_key" ))
    server_cert: (( grab meta.server_cert" ))
    server_key: (( grab meta.server_key" ))
    peer_ca_cert: (( grab meta.peer_ca_cert" ))  # <== Check these!!
    peer_cert: (( grab meta.peer_cert" ))        # <== Check these!!
    peer_key: (( grab meta.peer_key" ))          # <== Check these!!

You may also have a stale etcd cache. To clear it, monit stop all on all etcd_z* vms, remove the /var/vcap/store/etcd/member folder on each etcd vm and finally monit start all each each etcd vm. This was pulled from the Recover from HM9000 Failure section at

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