Deploying Concourse CI 1.3.0 without Cloud Config

Using Cloud Config enables you to remove a lot out of your BOSH manifests to simplify them. However, it’s an all-or-nothing approach. You either use it for all your deployments on a director, or none. When Concourse CI hit the magic 1.0.0, they switched over to using a lot of the BOSH 2.0 features, including Cloud Config. Some organizations aren’t quite ready to make the switch to Cloud Config, and that made things a little more difficult when trying to deploy/upgrade to the latest version of Concourse to get all of its features.

I strongly encourage you to play around with Cloud Config, and start prepping your organization to make use of it. But if you’re itching to get some of the new functionality of Concourse, take a look at the Genesis templates for Concourse.

If you already have a bosh-lite + Vault installation for storing creds, you can get started with:

$ genesis new deployment --template concourse
$ cd concourse-deployments
$ genesis new site --template bosh-lite macbook
$ genesis new env macbook test
$ cd macbook/test
$ make deploy

That’s all there is to it. For other infrastructures some additional info will be required to figure out how to talk to the IaaS, and what your Concourse URL should be, but for BOSH Lite, that’s all taken care of. These templates make use of the .env-hooks feature in Genesis to auto-create unique passwords for each deployment.

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