Demo of Subway: 20 databases across 4 servers

Earlier this week we announced Subway – a Cloud Foundry service broker that allowed you to scale out another Service Broker that is single-node only.

Below is an animated gif demo of Subway in action.

The user is provisioning 20 service instances of PostgreSQL database – each will run in an isolated Docker container.

In the backend there are four independent servers running the cf-containers-broker backed by local Docker daemon.

The 20 provisioning requests cf create-service postgres93 free and the 20 deprovisioning requests cf delete-service all correctly create Docker containers, and destroy the Docker containers as expected:


Click to enlarge.

Scaling the backend – the cluster of 4 servers running cf-containers-broker and docker – was as simple as editing the BOSH deployment manifest to change 1 to 4 and running bosh deploy. Then updating the environment vars in the cf-subway broker and restarting.

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