Cloud Foundry Summit NA 2019

The keynotes, talks, user stories, and technical sessions at Cloud Foundry Summit this year prove that Cloud Foundry is still THE platform for developers. Kubernetes continues to be the best platform for building platforms. Eirini brings these two powerful ecosystems together.

As contributors to both the Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes ecosystems, Stark & Wayne is excited about merging these two universes together and continuing to create software that supports both. At Cloud Foundry Summit, we showcased our newest software and open source tooling that contributes to a healthy ecosystem.

Roughly 60% of the attendees were new faces. This year’s Summit saw more technical, engineering, and operator attendees, and fewer sales and marketing representatives – a clear reaffirmation of the Cloud Foundry Foundation’s commitment to its technical roots.

Click here to view our record presentations from the conferences.

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