CF Summit 2016 Training Day

Cloud Foundry for Beginners: From Zero to Superhero

Join us for a hands-on training workshop to learn about deploying and managing applications on Cloud Foundry. We will give an overview of Cloud Foundry and how it works, including specifics relating to services, buildpacks, and architecture. We will also look at how to effectively work with Cloud Foundry in your organization.

These are just some of the benefits of deploying your app with Cloud Foundry:

  • Having a command line utility to deploy your application
  • Your app is accessible at a public URL
  • The ability to push a simple static website allowing you to focus on building your product
  • Your app is resilient so random failures won’t take it offline
  • Easily know what your application is doing while running on Cloud Foundry
  • Simple A/B testing to get feedback from your users
  • Have your app be accessible from your own domain

This training is targeted at people with little or no Cloud Foundry experience but some experience delivering web-based applications. If you’re curious to learn how Cloud Foundry can help you focus on development and innovation, rather than infrastructure plumbing, this is the right course for you.

The training will be done by Long Nguyen and John Longanecker from Stark & Wayne who have helped many companies successfully deploy Cloud Foundry and succeed.

This training will be done at CF Summit 2016 in Santa Clara for the Monday, May 23rd 9:00AM-3:00PM training session. Sign up if you would like to be a Superhero too!

Finally, we are offering a 20% discount code CFNA16SW20 for Cloud Foundry Summit 2016. Visit for more details and registration.

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