Stark & Wayne
  • by Geoff Franks

A little over a year ago, Ruben Koster unleashed the bare-metal-bosh-lite project on us all, and showed us how to use it. Since then, things have changed a bit in the world of bosh-lite. It no longer uses Chef for setup - that is now handled by the bosh-provisioner project. As such, it was time to revisit bare-metal-bosh-lite and get it updated with the latest and greatest. Here's how you can get going with it now:

First, install Ubuntu 14.04 on your bare-metal box, and configure the vcap account with passwordless SSH access and passwordless sudo.

Next, clone the bare-metal-bosh-lite repo:

$ git clone \

Now, install any dependencies you need:

$ ./install-prereqs

Go vagranting:

$ export SERVER_IP=<your server IP>
$ export SSH_KEY=<path to the ssh key to use for vcap user>
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant provision

If all goes well, you should have a bosh-lite on bare-metal in a matter of minutes!

Oh.. And there's one more thing. If you wish to customize how your bosh-lite gets built, feel free to modify the bare-metal.yml.example file and save it as your own custom manifest. You can export MANIFEST=my-manifest.yml before provisioning to have vagrant pick up on the customizations.


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