Apple Swift buildpack for Cloud Foundry



Apple has open sourced their Swift programming language and many developers like it a lot. Over time it may evolve a strong ecosystem for writing backend web applications. But how will you run them on Cloud Foundry?

Introducing a buildpack for running Swift web applications:

You can try out this buildpack immediately on your favourite Cloud Foundry.

git clone swift-helloworld
cd swift-helloworld
cf push swift-helloworld -b --random-route

As an administrator you can install this buildpack for all users to try. Each release includes online & offline/cached zip files:

Once installed, users will no longer need to provide the -b flag to the cf push command.

If an application includes Package.swift then it will automatically use the Swift buildpack.


This buildpack was made possible by Kyle Fuller who wrote the best Heroku buildpack I could find:

I forked this repo and used the Cloud Foundry Buildpack tools to implement offline/cached support:

It only took a few hours to convert a Heroku buildpack that did not support offline/cached mode into a buildpack that did. Awesome.

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