Adding MySQL service to your TryCF Cloud Foundry


TryCF is a service that makes it very simple to deploy Cloud Foundry in your AWS account. Every piece running in a single VM.

It’s not a static installation – not by a long [1] shot. TryCF contains a working BOSH, using the Warden CPI – each component of Cloud Foundry is running inside a Warden-based Linux container within the single VM. This is all made possible by the bosh-lite project.

This means we can extend TryCF and install Cloud Foundry services that are packaged as BOSH releases.

First up, the new MySQL service broker.

Installing MySQL Service Broker

The instructions and deployment templates are in this helper project:

To install this you will need the Elastic IP for your TryCF VM. You can see this in the API hostname:

$ cf api
API endpoint: (API version: 2.2.0)

Above is the public IP for the TryCF VM.

Target the internal BOSH within your TryCF VM.

bosh target trycf

Username & password are admin.

Now fetch the helper project and run the instruction commands:

git clone
cd trycf-mysql
bosh upload release
bosh -n deploy
bosh run errand broker-registrar

The README for the project is the best place to go for up-to-date instructions. At the time of writing, the CF MySQL services team are working on v9 which will replace MySQL proper with MariaDB/Galara.

Using MySQL services

$ cf m
service   plans       description
p-mysql   100mb-dev   A MySQL service for application development and testing
$ cf cs p-mysql 100mb-dev my-sql
Creating service my-sql in org default / space development as admin...
$ cf s
name     service   plan        bound apps
my-sql   p-mysql   100mb-dev

The above commands are functional abbreviations for the following commands:

  • cf marketplace

  • cf create-service

  • cf services

  • [1] Long Nguyen was one of the TryCF developers. Every reference to "long" is always a funny reference.

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