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As a certified Kubernetes service provider, Stark & Wayne offers services that help enterprises achieve operational agility, flexibility, and scalability with the industry’s leading container orchestrator.

What We Offer

Migration Strategies

When it comes to data, platform, or application migrations, managers tend to assume it will be an easy lift-and-shift. The reality is quite different: it’s a complex, non-linear process that reveals unknown dependencies along the way. Through assessment and preparation, Stark & Wayne will help you migrate to Kubernetes systematically with minimal downtime.

Platform Enablement

Stark & Wayne operates as a consulting collective where our consultants continuously pool knowledge to provide solutions as quickly as possible. The Collective includes a research and development component where team members cycle in and out of Stark & Wayne labs to work on bleeding edge new technologies. The commitment to knowledge sharing and new technologies provides significant advantages to both our team and your team. Let us partner with you to enable your business goals.

Cloud Native Add-On Services

The cloud native ecosystem is vast. It can be overwhelming to find the right tool–and sometimes it may not exist. We help teams examine current and future needs to create a roadmap for Data Services, Monitoring, Logging, CI/CD, automation, backup and restore, buildpacks, FaaS, and more.

Rancher Capabilities

As a Platinum Rancher Partner, we offer value-added capabilities on top of Rancher including Cloud Foundry on Rancher, using it to deploy Cloud Foundry with Gluon, on-demand services with open source tools such as Tweed; and implementation, proof of concept, consulting, and backup and restore.

Kubernetes Tips


What You Need To Know Before Using Managed Kubernetes

This video discusses often-ignored facts of life when dealing with Managed Kubernetes solutions such as AKS, GKE, or EK on public cloud providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. It covers everything from data sovereignty to version drift to patch management to security controls. You will learn the state of current offerings including their security postures, security ramifications of someone else’s control plane, and who is responsible for patching underlying node OS/software stacks.

Silly Kubectl Tricks For New Users

This is the first episode in our video series “Silly Kubectl Tricks.” In this video, James takes you through some of the neat things you can do to explore the YAML semantics and syntax that your Kubernetes cluster understands. Join us each week as we explore the features and functionality of the Kubernetes CLI, learning new and sometimes -surprising things about our old friend, kubectl.


Involved. Certified.

Stark & Wayne is a Silver Sponsor of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

We are also a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation