Professional Services

Stark & Wayne’s mission is to enthusiastically help enable businesses to maximize the unique value they deliver and to help them continuously improve by leveraging & enhancing cloud native technologies.

Design & Implementation

Stark & Wayne offers support for clients throughout all phases of operations. From prototyping and architectural design, all the way through to ongoing operations and maintenance, Stark & Wayne enables clients new to cloud environments along with established clients that need additional optimizations. Stark & Wayne is 100% focused on designing and implementing a reliable, scalable, and secure platform(s) that best fit each use case.

Application & Platform Migration

It's "Moving Day" and the objective is to migrate somewhere between 10 apps and 10,000 apps or more. Stark & Wayne can help plan and execute a mass migration that minimizes platform downtime and ensures that applications continue to serve end-users uninterrupted.

With the changing requirements that clients face on a daily basis, having a solid Service Migration process in place can help clients achieve the best balance of utilization, efficiency, and cost while still meeting the needs of end-users. With tools like BOSH, Stark & Wayne can help abstract the platform and, in turn, the apps and services running on those platforms from the infrastructure.

DevOps teams deal with a streamlined interface that provides the same frontend experience while the backend can be in-house on vSphere or use a public cloud such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. With the ability to rapidly deploy and change platforms via BOSH, your DevOps staff can migrate your applications and services between platforms on different infrastructures with the maximum application and service uptime with minimal effort or impact to your organization.

This allows resources to scale up or down based on application and service loads, leverage different data centers to reduce latency to geographically dispersed customers, and control costs of running the platform.

With the added flexibility available through Service Migration, moving the platform can take advantage of lower infrastructure costs, scaling that platform as needed to minimize resource usage when idle.

Team Augmentation

Stark & Wayne doesn't operate as a standard consulting firm that may drop in, offer some recommendations, and then leave. Our consultants work alongside team members to solve operational and tactical problems. Stark & Wayne works as part of your company's culture and processes to ensure that enhancements are getting to production in the most efficient way possible. The team benefits from more than just the consultants onsite because Stark & Wayne operates as a collective. Our consultants continuously share knowledge across the organization to find solutions as quickly as possible. Your company benefits from the knowledge and expertise of our entire team. "When you get one of us, you get all of us."

Software & Lifecycle Development

Stark & Wayne ensures that the teams are using the best processes and tools to efficiently deploy tested developer ideas into production. We work to optimize the frameworks, methodologies, procedures, and technologies to suit the needs of the product development teams and chosen cloud ecosystem(s).


Stark & Wayne engineers are experts at assessing and inventorying your current cloud environment(s). Stark & Wayne meets with the Networking, Operations, and Security teams in order to gain a deep understanding of the configuration, the environment, and the relevant use cases. Afterward, the engineers review current operations practices and advise on best practice methodology for architecture and execution of the backlog.


Stark & Wayne is committed to our clients. The goal during any engagement is to ensure everyone has the right knowledge and skills to fulfill their job roles. In addition, Stark & Wayne creates technical tutorials, blogs, and videos to help everyone level-up their skills.

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