Stark & Wayne works closely with your company to help you achieve your strategic objectives. We are enthusiastic about working with companies that need help getting their cloud infrastructure and services aligned with their business and technical operations.

Design & Implementation

Stark & Wayne offers support for clients throughout all phases of their operations. From prototyping to architectural design; from integration and implementation to ongoing operations and maintenance; we can help clients new to cloud environments, such as Cloud Foundry, or established clients who need additional optimization. We are 100% focused on designing and implementing a reliable, scalable, and secure platform on your team's infrastructure of choice.

Team Augmentation

Stark & Wayne doesn't operate as a standard consulting firm that may drop in, offer some recommendations, and then leave. Our consultants work alongside your team members to solve operational and tactical problems. We work as part of your company's culture and processes to ensure that your ideas are getting to production in the most efficient way possible. Your team benefits from more than just the consultants onsite because Stark & Wayne operates as a collective. Our consultants continuously share knowledge across our organization to find solutions as quickly as possible. Your company benefits from the knowledge and expertise of our entire team. "When you get one of us, you get all of us."

Software & Lifecycle Development

Stark & Wayne ensures that your teams are using the best processes and tools to efficiently deploy tested developer ideas into production. We work to optimize methodologies to your company's infrastructure ecosystem and developer culture. We can also work to convert existing applications and workflows to your new cloud ecosystem.

Support & Training

Stark & Wayne is committed to our clients. Our goal during an engagement is to ensure that your company becomes self-sufficient. However, if you need additional assistance, we would be happy to help on anything ranging from debugging to providing hands-on assistance for new projects and ideas. Stark & Wayne can provide on-site support by augmenting your team or by hosting training sessions for your teams.