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Cloud Foundry Peace of Mind

Your Cloud Foundry is a crucial part of your business success. It enables innovation, cost-cutting, and reduces time to market. Regardless of technical acumen, it’s time consuming tracking down a bug. Operational concerns such as observing best practices, platform maintenance, and planning for the future can overwhelm even a large operations team. We want to keep you focused on what you do best - serving your customers. Stark & Wayne's Cloud Foundry Support provides the depth you need to operate your platforms and be ready for future challenges.

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Custom Support Options


Pre-packaged buckets of hours so you can get the solutions you need when you need them


24x7 follow-the-sun coverage for when things go bump in the night


Regular "office hours" sessions for Q&A with our engineers


Professional Services to address your unique needs


Ongoing Tier-3 Support coverage


Team training and knowledge building


24x7 Support

Are you on your game at 3 AM? Will you be ready for that 9 AM standup afterward? Let our follow-the-sun Support take the reins so your team stays fresh and ready for the day of challenges ahead. Our worldwide team of professional Cloud Engineers will help keep you running. We’ll work with your team to anticipate and minimize unexpected disruptions to your platform.

Avoid Firefighting

Let us help you prevent issues before they happen. Stark & Wayne will help you automate and maintain your environments through CI/CD pipelines to ensure security and operational readiness. We work continuously with your team to ensure your documentation and operations procedures are matched to your business requirements. Our support helps minimize or eliminate downtime through redundant deployment and highly available platform design and management.

Future Ready

Regular touchpoints ensure we are always aligned to your changing business needs. This helps guide the creation of a shared forward-looking backlog to remain focused on providing the maximum value to meet your future needs. Finally, we'll use these sessions to keep you advised of the Cloud Native Technology Trends that are most relevant to you.

How We Work With You

Why Stark & Wayne

What sets Stark & Wayne apart from its competitors?

  • At Stark & Wayne our goal is the achievement of your goals. We’ll help your team do great work, and build in foundational efficiencies and interaction capabilities to keep you up and running.

  • Quick response - we’re able to join your project quickly, no matter when you reach out.

  • The most accomplished experts in the business are here to help you break industry barriers while educating your team for future success. Your team will work with our experts every step of the way.

  • We’re a founding member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. We’re the corner stone. We won’t take you in the wrong direction.

  • We upskill teams to avoid repeating the same problems.

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Involved. Certified.

Getting involved and giving back gives us insight into emerging technologies through relationships, experimentation, and committing.

Stark & Wayne is a Silver Sponsor of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

We are also a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

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We understand the cloud-native ecosystems and are here to help you solve the unique challenges of your architecture. Let us know how we can help.