Stark & Wayne is committed to our customers' continued success. Our goal during an engagement is to ensure that your organization becomes self-sufficient. However, we are happy to make ourselves available for your needs ranging from debugging to providing hands-on assistance for new projects and ideas. Stark & Wayne can provide on-site support by augmenting your team or by hosting training sessions for your teams.

If you're interested in any of our training courses below, click here to contact our experts.

Certified Cloud Foundry Developer Training

The goal of this course is to lay the foundation for understanding best practices for developing and deploying applications for Cloud Foundry and other platforms. Students will be exposed to the major topics and information required to pass the Certified Cloud Foundry Developer exams.

Introduction to BOSH Training

A collection of hands-on sessions and short lectures that take an operator through the basic architecture of BOSH, along with how to create, deploy, and troubleshoot a BOSH release.

Advanced BOSH Training

This course provides a deep dive into deploying and maintaining BOSH as an operator as a series of short lectures and hands-on labs. Introduction to BOSH Training is a prerequisite for the Advanced BOSH Training course.

Introduction to Cloud Engineering

A review of the basic skills and patterns used by Cloud Operators to manage infrastructure and platforms. This course can be tailored for specific IaaS, or be taught on a foundation of generic infrastructure and platform topics. The platform related topics can be geared toward Cloud Foundry, BOSH, Kubernetes, or some combination of topics.

Concourse Training

An introduction to modern delivery patters via CICD, and distributed workflow automation with Concourse. Students will have short lectures along with hands-on labs that build out delivery workflows.

Cloud Foundry Operator Training

Short lectures and proctored sessions take students through the basic architecture of Cloud Foundry, along with the best practices for deploying and maintaining the platform.

Cloud Foundry Troubleshooting Training

Students will have short lectures and proctored labs that provide common troubleshooting scenarios on the Cloud Foundry platform. This course can include PCF and Operations Manager sessions, or be primarily based on BOSH for Open Source deployments. BOSH-based troubleshooting steps will be included in all sessions.

BOSH Troubleshooting

This course will take the students through deploying and troubleshooting an error-laden BOSH release. Stark & Wayne uses this session for all of our internal training.

Kubernetes Training

A series of short lectures and hands-on labs that take students through the architecture of Kubernetes and how to target your applications and service workloads for the platform.