Open Source

Our Toolchains

Stark & Wayne has created, contributed to, and/or expertly uses the following toolchains:


An open source virtual machine orchestrator that operates on several prominent public and private cloud infrastructure platforms (namely: AWS, GCP, Azure, and vSphere). BOSH is a Cloud Foundry Foundation core project and is actively developed and supported by Pivotal and other Cloud Foundry Foundation members.

BOSH makes it possible to deploy complex services like Cloud Foundry in a scalable, highly-available, and supportable method. It supports IaaS-specific provisioning and leverages Cloud Native features like load balancing, VPCs, blob storage, and more.

BOSH leverages a large community of BOSH releases, which are pre-packaged software ready to be deployed via BOSH. They're configured via YAML files, which provide necessary information such as SSL certificates and authentication backends, as well as the VM types and networking configuration. The operator passes these YAML files to the BOSH director, which is the main orchestrator, which then creates VMs according to spec and loads the configured software onto those VMs. Once the software is deployed, the BOSH director maintains the health of the VMs and can update the software as directed by the operator during upgrade cycles.


SHIELD is Stark & Wayne's data protection software that provides extensible backup and restore services. It offers many features such as encryption, scheduling, retention, and multi-tenancy.

This product enables companies to have data protection and data mobility. It also helps enable continuity by keeping and protecting data.

SHIELD is offered as an open source product.


Blacksmith creates a way to deploy data services on-demand via the Open Service Broker API, providing app developers on-demand and dedicated deployments of data services.

Blacksmith uses Forges, community packs that instruct Blacksmith how to deploy a specified service. These are cookie-cutter templates, which are replicable and scalable. By automatically creating and binding the data services to the cloud app, app developers are free to focus on their product more, and operators aren't burdened by having to constantly spin services.


Genesis helps ensure deployments are created in a consistent fashion enabling them to be regularly updated according to known best practices. Genesis encourages the incorporation of various staging environments where package and configuration updates can be deployed, verified, and validated before ultimately moving into production environments. It's a tool that helps simplify, automate, and manage the packaging and deployment of complex multi-release systems like Cloud Foundry.

Genesis relies on Genesis Kits which consist of various BOSH releases and tools to make deploying complex cloud software easier. For example, a fully functioning Cloud Foundry environment requires approximately 30 BOSH releases; all with specific configurations. Genesis consolidates all this work into a single kit so that 30 deployments and tooling require just a single command. Because they're self-contained, Genesis Kits also include the best practices and recommended configuration for each release out-of-the-box.

Here's Charlie Baum from Comcast talking about Genesis at CF Summit North America, 2019:


Concourse is a workflow engine designed to automate commands, and upon a triggering event (e.g. git push) do the rest of the heavy lifting with acceptance testing, versioning, release notes generation, and release publication. Concourse gives developers and operators a consistent and dependable workflow for release engineering and can act as the single-source-of-truth for code quality, product versions, and releases.

Concourse can execute any script of an engineer's choosing, so while the above describes the common use case, Concourse can quite literally become anything a client would like. Want to stand up infrastructure in an automated fashion? Concourse can do that. Want to ping developers when issues or bugs are reported for their software? Concourse can do that, too. If the actions desired can be done with software, it can be automated by Concourse.

Concourse isn't our project, but we evangelize it. For example, we've created the Concourse Tutorial and are continuously contributing to the community.


Safe was created by Stark & Wayne to allow operators to work with Vault efficiently and safely. While Vault has a CLI, Safe provides a more robust CLI that helps avoid some of the more common pitfalls of working with Vault.

Safe can move, copy, and delete items as requested along with generate and manage credentials and certificates. With the features provided by Safe, operators realize significant savings in time, lower error rates, and increased operator efficiencies.