Open Source

We Open Source

Here at Stark & Wayne, Open Source is in our DNS. From day one, we've believed in the power and utility of the open source model of collaborative software development. We use open source. We write open source. We evangelize open source.


Stark & Wayne is a Silver Sponsor of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.

Cloud Foundry

We are also a memer of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, and a regular, contributing member of the Cloud Foundry Advisory Board.


Why do you have to choose between Kubernetes and BOSH/CF? Why not have both? Gluon is an Open Source Kubernetes controller that takes in custom resources for BOSH deployments, stemcells, and cloud-/runtime-configs, and makes them a reality. Now you can manage your VMs and Containers from a single interface.

Tweed Data Services

Tweed is an on-demand service broker that targets both Kubernetes and BOSH for deploying mission-critical data services, in both shared configurations (running as containers on a Kubernetes cluster) and dedicated configurations (running as virtual machines in a cloud IaaS of your choice).

SHIELD Data Protection

You've got data, and that data needs protecting. SHIELD is an Open Source data protection system that helps you to run scheduled, unattended data backup tasks in a secure fashion. Archives are encrypted at rest and in flight, and the restore process is designed to be as easy and stress-free as possible.