Stark & Wayne’s Readily Available Open Source Cloud Foundry Platform

November 18, 2021 1:00 pm EST

Wayne E Seguin (CTO) and John Dee (Cloud Architect)

Stark & Wayne has been the expert in open source Cloud Foundry and has continued to perfect its platform offering. With Qarik’s support, S&W has proven that this solution can assist its clients to migrate to open source Cloud Foundry from other platforms including proprietary platforms like Pivotal Cloud Foundry (Tanzu Application Services).

Clients reap the benefits of

  • Significant operational and licensing cost savings
  • Enabling easier standup of new CFs and expansion into new regions as well as platform component customization
  • Open source Concourse enabling more frequent and smoother upgrades to CF
  • Easy credential rotation

Join this virtual coffee to learn more about our Open Source Cloud Foundry Platform and what the future holds for it.

Note: this virtual coffee will not be recorded so that guests can talk freely.