Migrating to Google Kf

October 28, 2021 2:00 pm EDT

Wayne E Seguin with special guests Micah Baker and Rohit Kelapure from Google

Adopting Kubernetes and migrating applications from Cloud Foundry can be challenging. Kf is designed to provide a Cloud Foundry experience that we all know and love while empowering operators to adopt declarative Kubernetes practice. Importantly, Kf does this while avoiding major changes to application developer workflows and eliminates the commercial CF licensing costs.

Google Kf is now a viable production-ready solution and in this virtual coffee, Micah Baker, Product Manager at Google, and Rohit Kelapure, Application Modernization Scale Solution Specialist at Google, will discuss:

  • What the migration process looks like.
  • How you can assess if you’re ready to move from your current state to Kf.
  • A high-level process of running Kf, and more.

Who should attend?

This virtual coffee is ideal for people who are interested in learning more about moving to Kf and what it looks like.

Note: This virtual coffee will NOT be recorded so guests can talk freely.