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Episode 001 – What is Concourse CI? How to get started?

Learn a little about Concourse CI and get your own Concourse CI running on your laptop with Docker Compose (previously these instructions showed Vagrant). NOTE: the instructions below have been updated in 2020 to use Docker Compose, rather than Vagrant. Learn more from our Concourse Tutorial. NOTE: The https://concourse-ci.org/ has been given a new name

Complete walk thru deploying BOSH using BUCC

You might be surprised at how quickly you can go from nothing to having a full production environment with BOSH. Very surprised. I’d like to share with you a walk thru of getting started with BUCC – the fabulous tool to run BOSH/UAA/CredHub/Concourse locally or in production. It’s like a treat to yourself. Why add

Testing distributed systems thru failure/down time scenarios with Delmo

For the last year or so, at Stark & Wayne we’ve been developing production-grade data services that support highly available failover and automatic disaster recovery. We are planning for these data platforms to run 1000s of databases, so every failover and every user’s requirement for disaster recovery needs to work every time and without human

Troubleshooting Cloud Foundry @ OpenStack Summit

Stark & Wayne was fortunate to participate in OpenStack summit (Boston 2017). With significant experience managing and deploying Cloud Foundry on various OpenStack flavors we were happy to talk about our experiences. See Bill Chapman speak about troubleshooting Cloud Foundry on OpenStack. Troubleshooting Cloud Foundry on OpenStack