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Performing EKS Upgrades with Terraform

Photo by Joel Thorner on Unsplash In a previous blog post we’ve shown you how to deploy EKS quickly and easily with Terraform. AWS recently release version v1.18 of Kubernetes on EKS so now is the perfect opportunity to see how to upgrade an EKS cluster using Terraform. For the rest of this blog it

Deploying KubeCF to EKS, Revisited

Photo by Natalie Su on Unsplash Why, hello there! In a previous blog post I wrote about deploying EKS via the CLI eksctl command and then deploying v0.2.0 of KubeCF. The post, like myself, has not aged gracefully. This is a good news / bad news situation. The good news is the KubeCF folks have

65 Lines of Terraform For a New VPC + EKS + Node Group + Fargate Profile

Photo by Ignacio Amenábaron Unsplash As the title alludes, spinning Kubernetes on Amazon EKS is now a trivial exercise with Terraform. So simple even I can do it. So can you! Requirements Not much: An AWS account with access keys Terraform and AWS CLIs installed Knowledge on what EKS, Node Groups, and Fargate are. If

Quake Speedrun Level 2: Argo

Welcome to part two of our QUAKE-Speedrun. This time we will deploy Argo and use it to automate deployments of our additional components on our Kubernetes Cluster to start building out our Platform. First, let’s take a look at the Argo Project Modules to understand what their Job is. Argo Project: ArgoCD “Declarative Continuous Delivery

Quake Speedrun Level 1: Kops

Introdution: A follow along tutorial to build your own Platform. This was inspired by the gaming speedrun community. A speedrun is a play-through, or a recording thereof, of a whole video game or a selected part of it (such as a single level), performed with the intention of completing it as fast as possible. While

Formatting Terraform Lists as Strings

I’m deep in the weeds again. I’m inside of a YAML document inlined inside of a heredoc inside of a bash script that exists as a string inside of a heredoc inside of a Terraform configuration file written in HCL. It’s not my finest work, but it’s up there. To complete this masterpiece, I simply

Updates to terraform-aws-cf-install and terraform-openstack-cf-install

There have been a couple exciting changes to the two Cloud Foundry provisioning projects for AWS and OpenStack which make deploying Cloud Foundry to these two infrastructures even easier than before. See this link for instructions on deploying Cloud Foundry to AWS, one for OpenStack is coming soon so check the blog again soon. make

Easy Deployment of Cloud Foundry on AWS using Terraform

Welcome! This manual will guide you through the steps necessary to deploy Cloud Foundry using Terraform on Amazon Web Services. A tremendous amount of automation has been put in place to allow you to quickly deploy Cloud Foundry in an easy and repeatable way. If you know your AWS access key credentials, skip straight to