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Deploying Subway broker with BOSH

When we originally released Subway – a service broker that allows you to scale out single-server service brokers for Cloud Foundry – we showed how to deploy it as a Cloud Foundry app. That was convenient because deploying apps to Cloud Foundry is convenient. Unfortunately, everytime you scaled out your backend service – say a

Demo of Subway: 20 databases across 4 servers

Earlier this week we announced Subway – a Cloud Foundry service broker that allowed you to scale out another Service Broker that is single-node only. Below is an animated gif demo of Subway in action. The user is provisioning 20 service instances of PostgreSQL database – each will run in an isolated Docker container. In

How to scale out any Cloud Foundry service

Introducing… TL;DR OMG YOU DIDN’T READ THE POST?! this post introduces Subway a Cloud Foundry service broker that allows you to horizontally scale out simple service brokers that don’t support horizontal scaling. A single server service broker can only hold a limited number of service instances. To scale up the number of service instances –