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Adding Docker-based services to your Cloud Foundry with BOSH 2.0

This article follows along from our series of articles on deploying BOSH and Cloud Foundry using the wonderful new bosh2 CLI. Bootstrap BOSH 2.0 with local VirtualBox Running Cloud Foundry with BOSH 2.0 Now that you have Cloud Foundry running, you’ll discover it doesn’t do much without some stateful services into which you will store

Cloud Foundry service broker for CoreOS etcd

We have been big fans of CoreOS etcd since it first came out. A simple to use distributed key value store. Many of our own distributed systems built for customers have used etcd for coordination of components. Cloud Foundry itself has used Etcd for many years. Whilst there is a wonderfully maintained etcd release for

A generic BOSH release for registering service brokers

There are a lot of CloudFoundry services + service brokers available as BOSH releases. Many of those have errands for registering the service broker with CloudFoundry. Unfortunately some of them don’t, and some organizations might have version restrictions on the services that leave the broker-registrar errand slightly out of reach. This is where broker-registrar-boshrelease comes

Register your own service broker with any Cloud Foundry

UDPATED 2016-2-29: cf cli v6.16.0+ includes easy to use commands. Blog post updated to use them. Service brokers are a plug’n’play extension for any Cloud Foundry – hosted or private – to bring in unlimited external services – data, messaging, microservices, and more. Until now, only an administrator could register and update service brokers. This

Demo of Subway: 20 databases across 4 servers

Earlier this week we announced Subway – a Cloud Foundry service broker that allowed you to scale out another Service Broker that is single-node only. Below is an animated gif demo of Subway in action. The user is provisioning 20 service instances of PostgreSQL database – each will run in an isolated Docker container. In

How to scale out any Cloud Foundry service

Introducing… TL;DR OMG YOU DIDN’T READ THE POST?! this post introduces Subway a Cloud Foundry service broker that allows you to horizontally scale out simple service brokers that don’t support horizontal scaling. A single server service broker can only hold a limited number of service instances. To scale up the number of service instances –

Demo of a manual failover of redis cluster atop of consul/confd

The animated gif* demo below shows: observe a master node failure (consul health checks) promote a slave to become master configure other slaves to the new master configure the original master to become a slave (if it ever awakens/returns to the cluster) And all without touching my configuration management tool (which is BOSH in this

Services upgrading their own DNS

This article is a continuation of investigations into service discovery, which started 3 days earlier with The world’s quickest demonstration of consul. One side of DNS is the ability for clients to find backend services/web apps without knowing implementation details: the IP addresses of host machines. The flipside is equally important: the ability for the