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Running the CrunchyData Postgres Operator on Minikube

Why are we interested in Postgres on Kubernetes? I gave a talk last week on beginning the journey to getting PostgreSQL running on Kubernetes at the Buffalo Web Developers Database Meetup. There were examples on a simple deployment, configuring stateful sets, adding persistent volume claims and even a liveness probe. What I wanted to show

Mental Migration: A Cloud Foundry Operator’s Perspective on Starting Kubernetes – Part 2

This is the second part of my journey as a Cloud Foundry operator learning about the various components Kubernetes by comparing the components to functionalities I know in Cloud Foundry. The start of this series is here: https://starkandwayne.com/blog/mental-migration-a-cf-operators-perspective-on-starting-kubernetes/ Source of Truth – Cloud Foundry In Cloud Foundry land there are relational databases that contain the