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Migrate BOSH/Cloud Foundry (CF) Disks from vSphere Datastore(s) to Different Ones

Migrating disks for BOSH and Cloud Foundry (CF) VMs from the current datastore(s) to new datastore(s) can be painless if you do it right. Otherwise, you may end up losing your persistent disks and then your mind. The following steps will help you avoid unnecessary pain during this process. 1) Attach the new datastore(s) to

How to Migrate Your CF from One vSphere Cluster to Another

Recently, one of our clients had to migrate their CF from one vSphere cluster to another. Here is the story: the client bought some more modern UCS chassis they would like to add to the existing cluster. Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) must be enabled to support mixed processors in the same cluster. You can’t enable