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Running cf-for-k8s on Minikube

Photo by Henrique Félix on Unsplash The cf-for-k8s project is an interesting twist to running Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes using more “Kubernetes”-native projects like Istio, Eirini, and Fluentd. If you are interested in giving cf-for-k8s a spin on your own laptop the instructions below will create a Kubernetes (Minikube) and install cf-for-k8s. These instructions borrow

Performing EKS Upgrades with Terraform

Photo by Joel Thorner on Unsplash In a previous blog post we’ve shown you how to deploy EKS quickly and easily with Terraform. AWS recently release version v1.18 of Kubernetes on EKS so now is the perfect opportunity to see how to upgrade an EKS cluster using Terraform. For the rest of this blog it

Deploying KubeCF to EKS, Revisited

Photo by Natalie Su on Unsplash Why, hello there! In a previous blog post I wrote about deploying EKS via the CLI eksctl command and then deploying v0.2.0 of KubeCF. The post, like myself, has not aged gracefully. This is a good news / bad news situation. The good news is the KubeCF folks have

20 Questions You Were Afraid to Ask About Amazon EKS and Fargate

Photo by Photoholgicon Unsplash When I was first asked to investigate Fargate I did what everyone else does, opened a browser tab, Googled EKS Fargate, and started to skim the results for something helpful. Many talk about how billing works, how to run it on ECS, more billing awesomeness but nothing on a high level

Deploying Kubernetes via Gluon

Gluon is an exciting new Kubernetes controller that brings the full power of BOSH to a Kubernetes world. With three simple and straightforward CRDs, Gluon lets Kubernetes operators deploy VMs via BOSH, upload stemcells, and manage cloud and runtime configs, all from the comfort of kubectl. Today we’re going to do the improbable: starting with

K8s and MetalLB: A LoadBalancer for On-Prem Deployments

Photo by Modestas Urbonas on Unsplash So, you just spun up a brand new K8s cluster on vSphere, OpenStack, Bare Metal, or a Raspberry Pi cluster and started running your first workloads. Everything is going great so far. That’s awesome! But then, you try to deploy a helm chart for that fancy new app you’ve

Silly Kubectl Trick #11 – Getting Into Containers

The tenants of immutable infrastructure strongly discourage accessing containers. For day-to-day operation and deployment activities, that’s a sage bit of wisdom. When things start breaking, however, you’ll need to get in and take a look around. Kubernetes gives us two ways of doing this: attach and exec. When you run kubectl exec, you are creating

Silly Kubectl Trick #10 – Cleaning Up After Yourself

Ahoy, There! This is just one blog post in an ongoing series about fun things you can do with the Kubernetes CLI, kubectl. We have a whole bunch of these over on our Silly Kubectl Tricks page. Also don’t forget to checkout out the video series on YouTube! If there’s one thing that Kubernetes makes

Deploy Cloud Foundry to Google Kubernetes in 10 minutes

Is Cloud Foundry dead? I ask on your behalf because Pivotal – chief cheerleader and contributor to Cloud Foundry – was sold to VMWare in 2019, and all Pivotal-cum-VMWare staff chant “Tanzu” as the answer to all problems. During 2017, ’18, and ’19 the vendor ecosystem around “cloud” and “devops” seemed to pine for all